Pdf Addons Release #10

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Pdf Addons Release #10

The following changes are released for the Pdf Tables (version 5.1.0):


These changes are affecting all PDF Addons(Fpdf, tFpdf and Tcpdf).
For the full roadmap please visit your Roadmap page.
To download/update to the new version please visit our download page.

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  1. Zaskiaa September 20, 2015 at 4:56 pm - Reply

    Hi!I am using release 1.7 and it is wnirkog fine and it is very useful to me.Thank you for making it available.If you ever think of improving it there is one thing I would love to have as an additional feature:I still have not found a possibility to create an output-file with Selenium IDE. Therefore I use the echo command which outputs data to the log and thanks to you to the log file. But echo output is then mixed with all the other info level logging data which results in cleaning work afterwards.Would it be possible to have additional file for writing echo output only?Of course the echo output would still have to go to the log file too for debugging.Kind regards,Ronny

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