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Pdf Addons Release #13

We are proud to announce the following releases: Fpdf Advanced Multicell, Version 2.6.1 Fpdf Advanced Table, Version 5.4.1 TCPDF Advanced Multicell, Version 2.6.1 TCPDF Advanced Table, Version 5.4.1 Highlights of changes: fixes for PHP 7.* versions improve autoloader, composer compatibility code syntax changes Important note: Our online shop has been upgraded. If you purchased a product [...]

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Pdf Addons Release #12, Website, Namespaces, Autoloader

Today we're delighted to announce the release of the new website and update for the Fpdf and TCPDF Add-ons. Fpdf and TCPDF Add-ons changes: Defect, Table vertical align not working Task, Use array short-hands Task, Implement Namespaces Task, Remove Hungarian Notation

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Pdf Addons Release #11

The following changes are released for the Pdf Advanced Table (version 5.3.0) and Pdf Advanced Multicell version 2.5.0): Feature, Upgrade to Tcpdf 6.2.13 (tcpdf), Resolved Feature, Code improvements, Resolved Support, Upgrade to FPDF 1.8, Resolved Defect, PDF result differences between PHP5 and PHP7(fpdf), Resolved Defect, Passing TABLE_ALIGN to setTableConfig does not work, Resolved Defect, Relative font size in [...]

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Pdf Addons Release #10

The following changes are released for the Pdf Tables (version 5.1.0): #690, Feature, SVG Images support for tables - ONLY for Tcpdf, Status : Resolved #689, Support, Code Refactoring, Status : In Progress #688, Defect, Tcpdf Table - Page braking cells too long, Status : Resolved #687, Support, Tcpdf Table - Upgrade to Tcpdf 6.0.090, [...]

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Pdf Addons Release #9, Images in tables, transparency and more…

A new major release of the PDF Addons was made.   Advanced Table changes(version 5.0.0): #555, Feature, Transparent tables, Status : Resolved #552, Feature, Images support for tables, Status : Resolved for a better overview we'll use the same versions for all Advaced Table. major concept refactoring of the table cells. Table cells are now [...]

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Fpdf Tcpdf Addons Updates #7

The following Fpdf Addons and Tcpdf Addons were updated: Fpdf Advanced Multicell - version 2.2.0 Fpdf Advanced Multicell(Utf8)  - version 2.2.0 Fpdf Advanced Table  - version 4.2.0 Fpdf Advanced Table(Utf8)  - version 4.2.0   Tcpdf Advanced Multicell - version 1.1.0 Tcpdf Advanced Table - version 1.1.0 The update contains no major functional changes, the code of all addons was unified, [...]

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