FPDF Advance Table

This FPDF addon class allows creation of a “Advanced Tables” in the pdf document in a very simple way.


  • Fpdf class needs minimal extension, the pdf object will be passed as a parameter to the class constructor
  • Every table cell is a fully featured Fpdf Multicell(Advanced)
  • The table cells can be aligned vertically and horizontally
  • Columns and rows can be spanned
  • The table splits automatically on page-break
  • The header can be added automatically on every new page
  • Multiple default properties can be defined for headers and rows, which can be overridden for every single cell
  • Advanced split mode for cells can be enabled
  • Table can be transparent
  • Images can be added to table cells


  • PHP version > 5.3.0


Pdf example #1:

View the result PDF

Pdf example #2:

View the result PDF