FPDF Advanced Multicell

This FPDF addon class allows creation of a “Advanced Multicell” which uses as input a TAG based formatted string instead of a simple string. The use of tags allows to change the font, the style (bold, italic, underline), the size, and the color of characters and many other features.

The function is pretty similar to the Multicell function in the fpdf base class with some extended parameters.


  • Fpdf class needs minimal extension, the pdf object will be passed as a parameter to the class constructor
  • Text can be aligned, centered or justified
  • Different Font, Sizes, Styles, Colors can be used
  • The cell block can be framed and the background painted
  • Links can be used in any tag
  • Text-Strike-Through is supported
  • TAB spaces (\t) can be used
  • Variable Y relative positions can be used for Subscript or Superscript
  • Cell padding (left, right, top, bottom)
  • Controlled Tag Sizes can be used


  • PHP version > 5.3.0



Source code:



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