Pdf Addons Release #9, Images in tables, transparency and more…

A new major release of the PDF Addons was made.   Advanced Table changes(version 5.0.0): #555, Feature, Transparent tables, Status : Resolved #552, Feature, Images support for tables, Status : Resolved for a better overview we'll use the same versions for all Advaced Table. major concept refactoring of the table cells. Table cells are now [...]

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Fpdf Tcpdf Addons Updates #7

The following Fpdf Addons and Tcpdf Addons were updated: Fpdf Advanced Multicell - version 2.2.0 Fpdf Advanced Multicell(Utf8)  - version 2.2.0 Fpdf Advanced Table  - version 4.2.0 Fpdf Advanced Table(Utf8)  - version 4.2.0   Tcpdf Advanced Multicell - version 1.1.0 Tcpdf Advanced Table - version 1.1.0 The update contains no major functional changes, the code of all addons was unified, [...]

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Fpdf Addons Updates #6

The following Fpdf Addons were updated: Fpdf Advanced Multicell - version 2.1.0 Fpdf Advanced Multicell(Utf8)  - version 2.1.0 Fpdf Advanced Table  - version 4.1.0 Fpdf Advanced Table(Utf8)  - version 4.1.0 The updates contains some bugfixes and the license agreement was changed.

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Fpdf/Tcpdf addons feedback

Dear Users,   It's been a while since the new website and the new fpdf addons are available for download(see post). Recently the tcpdf addons were released as well. In order to offer you the best support, improve the products and website, let us know what you think! Please post here your feedback and suggestions [...]

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Fpdf Addons Updates #5

The following Fpdf Addons were updated: Fpdf Advanced Multicell - version 2.0.3 Fpdf Advanced Multicell(Utf8)  - version 2.0.7 Fpdf Advanced Table  - version 4.0.4 Fpdf Advanced Table(Utf8)  - version 4.0.6   The updates fixes a superscript/subscript bug for the UTF8 version and some code beautify changes.

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